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Automatically Install WordPress Plugins when Your Theme is Installed

The thought of making a wordpress theme and requiring users to install plugins needed to make it work sounds pretty sucky. The thought of taking plugins and hardcoding them into my theme sounds even suckier. …And I hate things that suck. So here is how you can automatically install wordpress plugins when your theme loads: [...]

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Setup Notification Emails When Git Repository is Updated (Ubuntu 10.10)

One of my colleagues suggested that we set up email notifications so that we could know when git repositories got updated. We ended up using git-commit-notifier with gmail. It worked like a charm and took about 30 mins to get setup. First, you need ruby installed (even if you have it, make sure you’re using [...]

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Frameworks and Knowledge Workers

What is a Framework? Essentially, it’s a buzzword to describe a packaged approach to completing work. It’s a way of building things, using strategically agreed upon components. The people who determine the components the framework will utilize can begin as one or a few original architects, and can morph into something that seems to have [...]

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