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Getting HMVC to play nicely with deeply nested config files in Sparks

I was recently debugging an issue with Codeigniter Payments and HMVC. The issue was that config files were not being loaded if they were deeply nested – for example: config/payments/my_gateway.php The MX_Config path explodes the filepath provided on forward slashes, so if you do anything other than this->load->config(‘whatever’), the file you want won’t get loaded, [...]

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Дом Водка – My Last Night on the Black Sea

I lived in a little village on the black sea for about 3 months in 2010, staying with a wonderful couple whom I had the great fortune of befriending. The village was at one time an old Soviet military base that while still somewhat active (though controlled by the Ukranian government now), is now pretty [...]

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Good Charity, Bad Charity – The Chicken Story and How it Changed My Life

I spent about a year in Hawaii when I was 18/19. Lots of fun times, with a couple life changing experiences mixed in with some time that otherwise went by way too quickly. One of those I felt like recounting today. The Chicken Story In Hawaii, there are chickens everywhere. The locals told me that [...]

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What I’m Hoping to Get From Brooklyn Beta

I’m headed to Brooklyn Beta tomorrow in New York City. For those of you who haven’t heard of Brooklyn Beta, it’s advertised as the hippest conference for creators – the people responsible for building all the cool web toys that many of us take for granted. This year, it sold out within 4 minutes of [...]

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