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Ikigai by Sebastian Marshall – A Review

I just finished up the book Ikigai (or rather, ordered collection of essays, email fragments and blog posts) by a guy named Sebastian Marshall.  Ikigai translates to “Reason for Living,” and Sebastian does a good job of putting together a case for what type of reasons one should live their life, and provides a general framework [...]

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A !Quick Lesson in Operators

Operators are one of the core components of any programming language. Knowing how they are classified and how they can be used is extremely important. This post might teach you some new operators. Since the samples are pulled from multiple languages, you may even learn something cool about a new language. Enjoy, and please point [...]

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The difference between a function-like macro and a function in C, C++

I’ve been working my way through some of the open courseware computer science materials that MIT hosts. The past few nights, I’ve been reviewing the “Practical Programming in C” lecture notes and assignments. For the most part, the first few assignments were really easy for me – few new concepts. One bit that tripped me [...]

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How Well Do You Understand “Static” Variables?

Today I realized that I did not completely understand the “static” keyword as it applies to variables, which is used in many programming languages. If you weren’t aware of the full breadth of how the static keyword alters a variable, this post should be a mind blower. So, let’s start simple. Take the following example [...]

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Quick Introduction to the Observer Pattern

A continuation in my self-assigned crash course in design patterns, I’ve been learning more about the observer pattern recently. It’s a cool pattern, and I’m hoping I can convince some of you that it’s worth learning more about. I only have time for a quick post, and hopefully I can get in the major points [...]

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Understanding Singletons

Why ANOTHER article about Singletons? If you search for ‘Singleton’ in Google or StackOverflow you get a bajillion and a half results.  That makes sense, because it’s one of the most commonly implemented design patterns in the history of software.  Some reasons for the popularity of the Singleton are: A.  It makes more intuitive sense [...]

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