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Docker / vagrant front end development without host syncing

I’ve been a vagrant user on OSX for a long time, and one of the common methods people use to allow modifying files inside the VM in their preferred development environment is through host syncing (synced folders). Let me tell you from experience…it’s a shit option. If you aren’t using NFS as the file system [...]

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Custom docker images in a private docker registry backed by s3

Say you want to user docker to containerize your infrastructure. Step 1 is making your infrastructure composable through docker images. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you’d do that. First, create the registry server: docker run \ -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=s3 \ -e AWS_BUCKET=YOUR_REGISTRY \ -e STORAGE_PATH=/\ -e AWS_KEY=YOUR_KEY \ -e AWS_SECRET=YOUR_SECRET \ -e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy \ -p [...]

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