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Connecting to a SoftEther VPN server as client from OSX / Yosemite

If you’re here, you may already know that the OSX VPN client doesn’t work very well. Apparently Apple upgraded and nuked some of its dependencies, and the details are…complicated. Anyway, after spending several hours tailing system.log and digging through Apple support posts, this is all I have to say about that. This post (a Linux [...]

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OctoBadge – Display Github user badge showing open source activity

A few years ago there was a lot of controversy about Github being the new resume for developers and what that meant. In 2015, I think it’s almost universally accepted among developers that your code footprint is important. It’s very likely it’s going to be the first impression that you make on others in your [...]

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Docker / vagrant front end development without host syncing

I’ve been a vagrant user on OSX for a long time, and one of the common methods people use to allow modifying files inside the VM in their preferred development environment is through host syncing (synced folders). Let me tell you from experience…it’s a shit option. If you aren’t using NFS as the file system [...]

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Custom docker images in a private docker registry backed by s3

Say you want to user docker to containerize your infrastructure. Step 1 is making your infrastructure composable through docker images. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you’d do that. First, create the registry server: docker run \ -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=s3 \ -e AWS_BUCKET=YOUR_REGISTRY \ -e STORAGE_PATH=/\ -e AWS_KEY=YOUR_KEY \ -e AWS_SECRET=YOUR_SECRET \ -e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy \ -p [...]

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How To Generate Salesforce API Credentials

I usually wouldn’t write about such a mundane subject, but given the past several soul sucking hours, I decided I would put in my humanitarian service for the week by telling others how to accomplish what should be a totally trivial task, that just isn’t for generating API credentials. Given that I’m totally new [...]

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Review – ZPacks ArcBlast

Though I love my Osprey Aether 70L pack for its toughness and comfort, in preparing for a hike like the Appalachian Trail, weight was my number one consideration. This inevitably led me to ZPacks, a brand created by a former thru-hiker, Joe Valesko, who was known on the trail for his ultralight homemade gear. He [...]

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Hotswap + Nesh. A more awesome Node.JS development experience.

Ever since working on some minor Clojure projects and getting some experience with the leiningen and LightTable, I’ve been expecting a little bit more from the programming environments I work in. Anyway, as I’ve begun doing significantly more work using Node in the past few months, I decided to really dig into the available toolset. [...]

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An open letter to Baxter State Park

To whom it may concern, On July 22nd, 2014, I entered Baxter State Park at around 9PM with the intent of camping at the Katahdin Stream Campsite. Upon arriving at the clearing with the bathroom facilities, ranger station and employee housing near the daicey pond campsite, I took note of the sign informing me that [...]

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Dreams and Feedback Loops

I had a dream last night about Chris Granger.  He worked on Microsoft’s Visual Studio team, and then went on to build LightTable, a next generation IDE written in Clojure.  I’ve known about LightTable for a couple of years, but have only begun using it recently.  The takeaway from the dream was, “Get to know [...]

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Why Abe Lincoln Would be Homeless Today

“Let no man live who is wiser or better or more famous or even handsomer than the mass. Cut them all down to a level: all slaves, all ciphers, all nobodies. All equals.” – CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters We have, in American culture, most curious ideas about equal opportunity.  Where once we valued inventive [...]

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