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Connecting to a SoftEther VPN server as client from OSX / Yosemite

If you’re here, you may already know that the OSX VPN client doesn’t work very well. Apparently Apple upgraded and nuked some of its dependencies, and the details are…complicated. Anyway, after spending several hours tailing system.log and digging through Apple support posts, this is all I have to say about that. This post (a Linux [...]

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Tackling the Linux Network for Small Business – Part 2 – Hardware and Topology

Believe it or not, this is the easy part. There aren’t that many physical components that make up a small business network, and acquiring all of them should be both easy and fast. First, let’s start with a diagram (click to enlarge), and we’ll drill into each piece in more detail. So, basically your internet [...]

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Tackling the Linux Network for Small Business – Part 1 – Goals & Overview

I’ve been working on a Linux driven network for my family’s small business, Froedge Machine. It’s been an awesome, engrossing experience so far working on this – and the farther I delve the more I realize just how approachable this type of project is. I’m far along enough in the project now that I can [...]

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