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How To Generate Salesforce API Credentials

I usually wouldn’t write about such a mundane subject, but given the past several soul sucking hours, I decided I would put in my humanitarian service for the week by telling others how to accomplish what should be a totally trivial task, that just isn’t for generating API credentials. Given that I’m totally new [...]

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Hotswap + Nesh. A more awesome Node.JS development experience.

Ever since working on some minor Clojure projects and getting some experience with the leiningen and LightTable, I’ve been expecting a little bit more from the programming environments I work in. Anyway, as I’ve begun doing significantly more work using Node in the past few months, I decided to really dig into the available toolset. [...]

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Dreams and Feedback Loops

I had a dream last night about Chris Granger.  He worked on Microsoft’s Visual Studio team, and then went on to build LightTable, a next generation IDE written in Clojure.  I’ve known about LightTable for a couple of years, but have only begun using it recently.  The takeaway from the dream was, “Get to know [...]

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Why Abe Lincoln Would be Homeless Today

“Let no man live who is wiser or better or more famous or even handsomer than the mass. Cut them all down to a level: all slaves, all ciphers, all nobodies. All equals.” – CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters We have, in American culture, most curious ideas about equal opportunity.  Where once we valued inventive [...]

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Traits, Exceptions, and Better Automated Tests

I really, really dig 5.4′s traits. Let’s review: Through the ‘use’ keyword, traits let you include shared functionality in a class without relying on inheritance or encapsulation of another class. With the exception of declaring static variables (you can’t), and referencing parent (will call the class you’re using the trait in), traits behave just like [...]

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Traits + Interfaces in PHP 5.4 – The Perfect Team

PHP has been getting consistently better over the past few years. One new feature that I’m really pleased with is traits, which is similar to multiple inheritance in Java, friend classes in C++ or mixins in Ruby and Python. Basically, traits allow your classes to share functionality without constructing any objects or inheriting from any [...]

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For the past few months, I’ve been exploring software design patterns, both at their roots and in their modern implementations. I’ve been exploring new languages and deepening my understanding of the languages that I already use. Man can I ever tell ya, it’s been exhilarating. I started reading a new book last night, given to [...]

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A !Quick Lesson in Operators

Operators are one of the core components of any programming language. Knowing how they are classified and how they can be used is extremely important. This post might teach you some new operators. Since the samples are pulled from multiple languages, you may even learn something cool about a new language. Enjoy, and please point [...]

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How Well Do You Understand “Static” Variables?

Today I realized that I did not completely understand the “static” keyword as it applies to variables, which is used in many programming languages. If you weren’t aware of the full breadth of how the static keyword alters a variable, this post should be a mind blower. So, let’s start simple. Take the following example [...]

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Quick Introduction to the Observer Pattern

A continuation in my self-assigned crash course in design patterns, I’ve been learning more about the observer pattern recently. It’s a cool pattern, and I’m hoping I can convince some of you that it’s worth learning more about. I only have time for a quick post, and hopefully I can get in the major points [...]

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