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Dreams and Feedback Loops

I had a dream last night about Chris Granger.  He worked on Microsoft’s Visual Studio team, and then went on to build LightTable, a next generation IDE written in Clojure.  I’ve known about LightTable for a couple of years, but have only begun using it recently.  The takeaway from the dream was, “Get to know [...]

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How Well Do You Understand “Static” Variables?

Today I realized that I did not completely understand the “static” keyword as it applies to variables, which is used in many programming languages. If you weren’t aware of the full breadth of how the static keyword alters a variable, this post should be a mind blower. So, let’s start simple. Take the following example [...]

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Quick Introduction to the Observer Pattern

A continuation in my self-assigned crash course in design patterns, I’ve been learning more about the observer pattern recently. It’s a cool pattern, and I’m hoping I can convince some of you that it’s worth learning more about. I only have time for a quick post, and hopefully I can get in the major points [...]

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