Custom docker images in a private docker registry backed by s3

Say you want to user docker to containerize your infrastructure. Step 1 is making your infrastructure composable through docker images. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you’d do that.

First, create the registry server:

docker run \
-e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy \
-p 5000:5000 \

Pull an existing container:

docker pull containername

Run it and make some changes (the t flag is to open a teletype and the i flag is to go into interactive mode):

docker run -t -i containername /bin/bash

Make a change in the container and then turn it into an image:

docker commit -m "touched file" -a "Calvin Froedge" ID_YOU_CHANGED new_image_name

Running docker images will show you your new image. Grab its id.

Tag the ID:

docker tag THE_ID localhost:5000/test


docker tag THE_ID localhost:5000/test

Congrats! You (and anyone else you give access to with AWS key & secret) can start this registry on their machine and download a Docker image.

docker pull localhost:5000/test

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