Goals for the Coming Week

I recently posted my goals not only for the rest of the year, but for a long time in advance. A big part of reaching your goals is tracing the steps you need to take to get there. Goals for the rest of the year (mid-range goals) are supposed to support your goals for the next year, for the next 3 years, etc (more long range goals). – and goals for today, tomorrow, the coming weeks and months should support your mid-range goals.

I basically have three things I need to chip away at for the rest of the year:

- Getting database / inventory systems for Froedge Machine upgraded so I can leverage it next year in ecommerce applications.
- Launching Mango2 so I can build revenue for it next year and make it my primary source of income.
- Supporting a dozen gateways for Codeigniter Payments and finishing my port to FuelPHP, which is my contribution back to those communities.

Here’s what I’m going to do this week to support each of them:

- Add support to Codeigniter Payments for Chase Payments
- Implement Curl requests within FuelPHP and finish implementing the Authorize.net class
- Finish the user system, implement the payments and billing system for Mango2

I also have a physical fitness goal of running 40 miles per week. Over the past week, I did about 35, which puts my just short of my goal. I’ll need to average 6 miles per day, each day of the week, to get there.

In addition, I have to continue learning and reading to support my long term goals of mastery in several computer science subjects. Taking some classes online through Stanford, and as usual, taking wild tangents into something else (like last week an mcrypt installation ended with me learning how to compile PHP from source and learning how PHP extensions are implemented in C) should help with that. Next Sunday I’ll post about how I did on these weekly goals, and each morning I’ll think about what I must do each day.

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