Why another blog?

I had a blog once at CalvinFroedge.com.  Eventually, I decided it was too often only a display of an arrogant teenager’s out of control hubris and not enough the well-crafted thoughts of a man who thinks about things before he writes them, and writes them because he means them.

Now I think I have something meaningful to say at least every once in a while.  Most of what I’ll blog about will fall under just a few categories:

  • Adventures / Travel – What I actually DO when I disappear for weeks or months at a time.
  • Programming – A part of my life that brings me a lot of joy, that I’ve really only begun to aggressively cultivate in the past 12 months.
  • History & Politics – Ohhhh, yea.  Get ready to be inspired or insulted.
  • Books – What I’m reading and what I think about it.  Mostly science fiction, but you’ll see some biographies, science books and programming books sneak in as well.
  • Essays – On whatever.  I’ve loved writing my whole life.

Well, it’s 2 AM and I have to do stuff in like 6 hours.  Hope you drop in to read once in a while!

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